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Turn off Site.Mobile.Master


The documentation provided doesnt show a means to turn off Site.Mobile.Master.

I have a responsive page and only want to use Site.Master.

How can i turn it off?


CDUB88 wrote Dec 27, 2013 at 9:38 PM

Gany, a possible solution is to just remove the Site.Mobile.Master from the project (or even rename it). In my experience, if the Mobile master page is not there, the regular Site.Master page will be used.

However, I would like to back this proposal - a way to programmatically turn it on/off as well as set the name/location of the Site.Mobile.Master would be a welcome addition.

If you are using JitBit's ASP.Net Forum software as an add-in to your existing website, and you rename/remove the Site.Mobile.Master page as I had suggested, the forum will fail to load if you are browsing from a mobile device.
Their forum software (at least, the version I'm using) expects that the parent mobile master page exists.

For me personally, I would like to selectively turn off the Site.Mobile.Master page for most of my site, forcing my responsive Site.Master page to be used.