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The ASP.NET Friendly URLs framework is available via NuGet at


The ASP.NET Friendly URLs library makes it easy to enable extensionless URLs for file-based handlers (e.g. ASPX, ASHX) in ASP.NET applications.

Read a great introduction to ASP.NET Friendly URLs on Scott Hanselman's blog

Current features include:
  • support for easily enabling friendly, extensionless URLs for Web Forms pages, e.g. ~/Customers -> ~/Customers.aspx
  • helper methods to easily extract extra segments from the friendly URL, e.g. ~/Customers/1 -> "1"
  • helper methods to easily construct friendly URLs, e.g. FriendlyUrl.Href("~/Customers", 1) -> ~/Customers/1
  • auto-redirect to friendly URLs, e.g. ~/Customers.aspx -> ~/Customers
  • resolving to mobile views when browser is a mobile device, e.g. ~/Customers -> ~/Customers.Mobile.aspx
  • automatically setting mobile Master Page when browser is a mobile device, e.g. ~/Customers -> ~/Customers.aspx using Site.Mobile.Master
  • static & dynamic caching options for URL resolution

Additionally, the framework has extensibility points, enabling you to customize how friendly URLs are resolved to file-based handlers, e.g. to ignore specific URLs, to support specific mobile device views (iPhone, etc.).

This Site

At present, the ASP.NET Friendly URLs code is not public and therefore will not be published on this site. However, we are planning to change that, and as soon as we are able, the code will be published on this site, under the source code tab. In the meantime, the site will be used as a single point for tracking issues, hosting discussions, and providing links to documentation.

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